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    Welcome To Bestxbd E-Currency Money Exchanger

    General Terms: 

    Our Order Completed time Minumum 2 min and Miximum 5 Min ( if admin Online).
    Our Buy Sell and Exchange rate Alwayes Changing and too low . 
    You can E-mail us easlily form contact support team : [email protected]
    Due payment of any transaction is not possible . No Such transaction is done by half payment or payment after some time.
    Sometime we stop receiving some currency for to much reserve or low balance in our account. 
    E-currency Exchange

    perfectmoney USD Min Order: 10$
    Tether TRC-20 Min Order : 10$
    Payeer USD Min Order : 10$
    If you want refound you paid amount 2% fee will be deducted for that.
    Mobile Banking refound payment 2% fee well be deducted.