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    Yes. This is very important to verify your registererd mail. There is 2FA system in our exchanger.

    You can open it from Security Tab from your dashboard. You will get 6 digit verification code every login time on our exchanger.


    Registration need to create your personal account. However, after registration and verification of the account you will have access to the following features:

    ‣ you will be able to control your order status in your personal account;

    ‣ you will be able to check the transactions history;

    ‣ your exchange limit will be higher.

    You can always leave feedback at our review tab after login to your account.


    WHAT SHOULD I DO? Feel free please inform us about it.

    We will be thankful for your cooperation.

    After receive your resolved we will notify you to ensure.

    It will be great if you contact the support team. We will be thankful for your cooperation.

    Most of the online e-currency are exchanging 10 minutes.

    But for cash service of all exchange taking 10 miniute to 1 hours or Max 24 hours.

    *i.e (cash = mobile banking and hard cash banking)

    If the wrong account that you specified does not exist or is blocked, the money will not be sent there, and we will send them to you using corrected data. If the account exists, the money will be sent to that account. You can try to get your money back on your own by writing to the owner of this account or customer service. To avoid such situations always carefully double check the entered data.

    If the reception has not yet been completed, you can! You will receive your money back less the fee of the payment system that made the payment,

    i.e., money shall be returned at your expense. F

    or refunding payment we will deduct transaction fees+1% extra for operator fees.

    On the Exchange page, next to logos of the payment systems, you will find a Show exchange Fees button. You can also click on Fees and you will see the table with our fees. E-currencies system's fee is already included in last price.